IM Graphics presents to you some recommendations we believe elevates your business to achieve greater success.  In full disclosure some of the referrals we are providing below do benefit us, in some ways monetarily and others just added credibility.  In either case the list is updated from time to time and offers may change.  If there’s something in particular you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss.  We are always happy to help our clients wherever possible.

Affiliations and Recommendations

accessiBe – IM Graphics has partnered with the best, most affordable, and efficient website accessibility solution for ADA & WCAG compliance. This is one of the most important website upgrades you can do for your business! Using a free plugin is not compliance, it’s a mere bandaid and one that will not solve your issues.  If you’re using anything other than accessiBe, your site probably isn’t inclusive for everyone!  LEARN MORE about making your site more accessible, inclusive and equitable.  Contact us today for a complimentary accessibility audit of your site.

Cloudways – IM Graphics manages our client websites, including our own with a network known as Cloudways.  Fast, reliable and secure… a 3 for 3 win for business, ours and yours!  Don’t be fooled by other hosting platforms waving cheap signup deals that change shortly after and then spending your valuable time trying to get tech support to help you for things that should’ve been done from the start.  Cloudways has top-tier affordable options and unparalleled support.

Project.co – An amazing and very affordable project and customer management web application.  IM Graphics uses this software to manage several of our client projects to alleviate communication errors and missed emails.  CLICK HERE to check them out for yourselves and start your free forever account, but before you know it, you’ll want to upgrade to their very affordable options, very much worth the investment!

AppSumo – An affordable software hub for all sorts of application solutions, whether you are looking for a way to manage your social media, collect and send email marketing newsletters, or a WordPress plugin… you are almost guaranteed to find the right solution for you at incredibly affordable options.  IM Graphics uses several AppSumo created applications, such as our booking app TidyCal, or our email signature using Email Badge, and SendFox for email news.  When assisting some of our nonprofit accounts needing SMS marketing we use ShortySMS and several other great apps to help your business.  Check out Appsumo  for their incredible offers and amazing lifetime deals that are hard to ignore.

Totally unrelated to anything graphic design, but every now and again we dabble with a few stocks here and there – just for fun. We’re by no means a market maven or financial advisor on any level, but when we do invest in something outside of our own business, we use the Robinhood app.  It’s easy to get started buying some of your favorite company options or even mess around with some crypto-currencies.  In any case – good luck to you!

QR Codes

ElkQR – Say goodbye to boring plain QR codes.  No more blurry or unscannable codes from those freebie sites… create customized great looking and trackable QR codes for all your marketing materials!

Royalty-Free Photos, Illustrations, and Vector Clip-Art

DepositPhotos is an affordable resource with an extensive library of images available for commercial use.  For projects such as your next brochure or catalog, or even elements to use to enhance your website or email newsletters.

Unsplash has an extensive free library of royalty-free images ready to download, or consider the very affordable option of premium member only content Unsplash+ for all your personal and commercial creative projects.

Mailing Services

Mass Mail Direct of South Florida – for all your business indicia and mailing list needs, including presorted bulk, first-class, EDDM, and more. Located in Boca Raton, FL.

Short Run Printing

TT&S  Printing – for all your short run printing needs from business cards to posters.  Whether you need 1 poster or 3,000 event flyers, TT&S offers affordable and reliable services.  A family owned and operated business, located in Lauderhill, FL.

Volume Printing

Micro  Printing – for all your high volume printing needs from sales brochures to corporate annual reports to retail product packaging.  From 1000 to 1,000,000 quantity they offer great service and high quality at below average pricing.  A family owned and operated business, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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We will be adding more contacts soon, so check back often, but if you are in need of a referral now for a pending project, contact us and we’ll be happy to refer you to one of our quality connections.