The necessities of self promotion: Realtor addition

Despite the pandemic or maybe it’s because of it, people are on the move and as result the housing market has been hot.  That means competition among Realtors is fierce, resulting with part-timers versus full time professionals at an all-time high.

IM Graphics receives orders from hundreds agents from several different agencies across the country, for business cards, name badges, car magnets, postcard mailers, shirts, giveaways and more.  So what are you doing to make sure you are getting noticed for sales and listings?  Being online isn’t enough and this is where traditional marketing, even the most minor of details, like a business card, is crucial to your success as and agent.

There are all types of buyers and sellers, but one thing is certain, they all need reminders of who you are.  Sending them a simple mailer, not a busy one will gain the most attention, but keeping their attention is the safe you need to crack!  Leaving a business card behind pinned on a board at a local Starbucks (on both sides of the street) or on a counter at your favorite sandwich shop is traditional advertising and lets people know that your are local.  For the same reasons you dress up nicer and even stage the house for a showing, it’s all to look professional.  So why skimp on your self-promotional marketing?  I’m not saying to spend yourself dry and making yourself crazy, but have a professionally designed business card or mailer, not just something you threw together at a copy center.  Consistency plays a major role in how you present yourself in trying to sell a house, and your marketing should be no different.

You need to have professional looking marketing materials that are consistent in design as much as they are in your message. A cluttered house doesn’t sell, so why are you cluttering up your mailer. Keep the message on point and your layout clean and it will get the most attention from your (potential) customers.

Take a look at your fellow colleagues materials and see for yourself which ones are truly getting the most return from their efforts.  Are they sending clean or cluttered mailers?  Are their business cards crisp or crap?  Do they wear name badges at all showings or even when they go to the coffee shop?  Do they have ad magnets on their vehicle? Do their “open house” signage match the rest of their branding so potential people visiting a neighborhood know who they are seeing?  Are their social media business pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter up-to-date and brand consistent with their other marketing materials?

My team and I understand that you do a lot as a professional Realtor and much of it is on unrewarded time with little or no respect. That’s why IM Graphics presents customized affordable solutions to help you get started and improve your self-promotional marketing. Contact IM Graphics today!

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